Ascension to Pentecost

The Feast of the Ascension that we celebrated last Sunday is considered the crowning event and completion of Jesus’ earthly ministry. The disciples were instructed to wait for the promised gift of the Holy Spirit who would enable them and empower them to continue Jesus’ mission. The week leading up to Pentecost was a time of remembrance of everything Jesus taught them and commissioned them to do. They reflected together, encouraged each other and anticipated what their unknown future as followers and disciples would mean now. As we wait, what do we do to prepare for Pentecost?

Pentecost literally means “fiftieth day”. For ancient Israel this was the Feast of the Giving of the Law to God’s people on Mount Sinai. For Christians the Feast of Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit given to all, so that we can live according to the full spirit of the law and in turn reveal the truth and depth of the relationship God invites each of us into. We have been given all we need to live out our commission of transforming the world into the kingdom of God. If this is true, then why do we just continue to rely on our own natural gifts and abilities, rather than access all the divine gifts within us to accomplish the mission we have been given?

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